Bobby Bates


Bobby Bates is a freelance photographer, videographer, and musician from New Jersey. From a young age the arts have been a part of Bobby’s life. He has been playing music since age 10, and shortly thereafter he developed a love for writing poetry. Photography followed closely along in high school, but it exploded into a full time passion about 10 years ago when his interest in video editing led him to pick up a camera for himself. Bobby often combines his talents for music, poetry, videography and photography into larger mixed media projects. His subject matter ranges greatly, but he has a fondness for breathing new life into the old and antique. He views his camera as an extension of his being, and uses the media he loves to provide new perspective on the seemingly ordinary while weaving worlds and stories for the viewer to wander in. Above all else, Bobby desires to show his viewers a window into what could be seen, but is often missed.